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At Sequel, our approach to helping troubled children is holistic. We treat the mind, body and spirit by utilizing a highly successful group model of treatment.

  • Mind

Treating the whole child involves improving the mind. Many of our students struggled at their last school. Our on-site accredited private schools provide children with an opportunity to succeed.

Upon admission each new resident receives a complete academic assessment. Our highly-qualified education staff employs innovative teaching methods to accommodate special needs students, gifted students, and children who have rejected traditional approaches.

  • Body

Many children come to us in poor physical condition. Exercise is an important part of our approach to healing the whole child - strengthening the body while clearing the mind and rejuvenating the spirit.

Many teens get in trouble looking for adventure in the wrong places. Our adventure programming provides your child with the opportunity to gain insight into his or her behavior while learning safe, productive ways to have fun.

  • Spirit

We believe individuals are infinitely capable of acquiring the skills necessary to change patterns of poor decision making and wrong thinking that lead to inappropriate behavior. Combining traditional therapy with positive peer culture, we teach children how to find solutions to daily challenges.

A strong emphasis is placed on goal setting and achieving positive thinking and redirection. Our Positive Peer Culture approach focuses on modifying inappropriate and even extremely delinquent behavior.

A total life approach - mind, body and spirit - combined with therapies appropriate for each child in our care will help heal the past so each child can deal with the present. The end goal is for every child to have a successful future.

Join the team that fosters strong minds…strong bodies…strong hearts…and strong spirits.